Stevens Finance Corporate as a responsible organisation is an equal opportunity employers.
This document is developed to put in proper perspective the recruitment policy (process and procedures) of Stevens Finance Corporate as a guide to future exercises.
As an organisation that engender trust and integrity, Stevens Finance Corporate is committed to a fair and consistent approach to recruitment and selection through the promotion of equal employment opportunity in all  aspect by appointing and promoting the person best qualified for a role without discrimination through selection processes which are open ,transparent and based on merit.
The intent of this policy is to ensure that recruitment and selection decisions are made consistently, fairly and equitably across Stevens Finance Corporate and meet any legislative requirements.
This policy applies to permanent vacancies at Stevens Finance Corporate. This policy excludes temporary assignments.
Stevens Finance Corporate is committed to recruiting all employees fairly, transparently and on the basis of merit so that the best candidate is hired for the position. Stevens Finance Corporate may decline to offer a candidate employment because the candidate is unsuitable for the position.
Stevens Finance Corporate may also decline to offer a candidate employment due to a matter disclosed by background checks, outcome of a Drug and Alcohol assessment, either  where a person is unable to perform the requirements of a position or any other criminal engagement. Stevens Finance Corporate is an equal opportunity employer. Equal opportunity is the principle that employment decisions are based on criteria relating to the applicant’s ability to do the job, not on factors that are unrelated to job performance (such as ethnicity, gender ,religion, age, disability, HIV status or marital status)